The Three Ways Someone Will Find Your Website

LISTI’m a huge fan of working from a list. If it’s not on my list, I’m probably not going to get to it. My list is also my primary tool in overcoming overwhelm. When we can write down exactly what we face, no matter how large, the issue(s) becomes something we can deal with. If we can see what we’re dealing with, it’s very hard to get a handle on the situation.

Understanding how people can find your website can be one of those issues that could cause mental stress and overwhelm. There are millions of websites and billions of web pages that could be possible routes to your website, correct?
Actually, here’s a short list of the only three ways someone will find your site. This is one list that helps clear out a lot of non-starters.

  1. By typing a word or phrase into a search engine
  2. By clicking on a link in an article or on an advertisement
  3. By hearing about your site through word of mouth – whether online or offline

By distilling the true sources of traffic into these three silos, we can then take a pragmatic marketing approach toward maximizing our effectiveness in each area. Until you understand that everything begins with these three, there’s a good chance that you’ll lack the focus, balance and patience that comes from establishing order from the chaos.