Remove Personalized Search Results With Simple Plugin

ff_sazzi_1col_thumb41-300x168If you’re conducting a search using Google, odds are you’re receiving results customized by your location, interests and a host of other factors. This is true whether you’re logged into Google or not.

The search engines now consider multiple factors when presenting the results of your search. Gone are the days when a Google search was the same Google search in any location, for any person, with any search background or history.

So if you’re trying to get a general idea of how the majority of people see a search for a particular keyword or phrase, without the personalized customizations, here’s a really simple option. Check out Joost de Valk’s search plugins for a global list of simple applications that you can download right to your browser’s tool bar. They’re available for Firefox or Internet Explorer in just about any language.

Once installed, just select this non-personalized search version in your browser and the results will be without all of your personal settings and information. There are other methods of removing personalized search from your results, but I haven’t found anything quite this fast and easy. Thanks Yoast!