8 Search Analytics That Really Matter

SEARCH ANALYTICSIf over 80% of all traffic is driven to commercial websites via search, it only makes sense to pay close attention to how the search engines are reacting to your site. Here are 8 quick search analytics that you should keep an eye on.

  1. Crawling Errors – what pages or images or links are missing on your site and subsequently from your readers?
  2. Pages Indexed – is everything that you’re posting being indexed properly?
  3. Your site rankings over time – this is a very important area to monitor for threats and opportunities.
  4. Keyword referrals from search – everything begins and ends with understanding and optimizing your site’s keywords.
  5. Link traffic – who’s coming from where and why?
  6. Goal pages and conversions – managing and optimizing your website properly requires constant testing for better conversion ratios.
  7. Social media traffic – the conversations about your company are going on with or without you.
  8. Inbound links – your link juice comes via QQL (quantity, quality and longevity)