6 Keys to Sales Success Through the Power of Persuasion

POWERAs with any recipe – whether in the kitchen, or in life – generating business is a process that requires a well devised, structured plan. Follow that plan out of order, and you’re liable to make a mistake. Understand how the process works, and you’ll be much less likely to miss the order.

One major component in the recipe for sales success is a dash of persuasion. Here are six extremely powerful tools to increase your persuasion in business.

  1. Giving gifts – create an immediate bond by offering something of value BEFORE you begin a relationship
  2. Baby steps – earn your stripes by taking the time to establish a bond and a level of trust
  3. Popularity – previous success and popularity go a long way towards building a consensus among your peers and earning additional opportunities
  4. Credibility – references are still the top way to earn business or a job
  5. Scarcity – nearly every offer needs to have an element of scarcity in the call to action to heighten the want
  6. Honesty – even the slightest inaccuracy can damage a relationship for good