Looking for More Re-Tweets?

TWITTER BIRDThe power of viral marketing is difficult to harness and even more difficult to actively produce. Most marketing campaigns that generate a viral buzz often occur through a series of fortunate circumstances or events.

However, using social media tools wisely can certainly give you an edge when searching for the next great campaign. Even simple choices such as using re-tweetable words or phrases in your Tweets can add to your chances.

Here are the Top 20 Most ReTweetable Words according to the Science of Blogging.

1. you
2. twitter
3. please
4. retweet
5. post
6. blog
7. social
8. free
9. media
10. help
11. please retweet
12. great
13. social media
14. 10
15. follow
16. how to
17. top
18. blog post
19. check out
20. new blog post