6 Essential Calls to Action

CRUSH ITChange is a constant in most businesses, but it’s a runaway freight train for those of us involved in online marketing. Technology has turned marketing literally on its head. Marketers need to be professional learners to keep up or risk falling behind. This goes for everything from the tools marketers use to the seismic shift in the power of the B2C relationship.

However, what’s one component of marketing that hasn’t changed? The importance of the call to action.

You needed to call for something five years ago and you still needed to call for something to happen today. The big difference is you can track basically anything, which wasn’t always the case five years ago.

Here are six calls to action as listed by Gary Vaynerchuk in Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion, which should be required reading for all marketers.

  1. Subscribe – this could be to your e-mail newsletter, membership site or even to your RSS feed
  2. Follow Me – the reach of multiple social media tools makes promoting the idea of joining your tribe a necessity
  3. E-Mail This – we are what we create, so the more people that read your content, the better
  4. Share – Some concept, more applications
  5. Join My Fan Page – I was a Chicago Bears fan 20 years ago, I’m still a Bears fan now… plus about 100 other teams, businesses, causes and people on Facebook
  6. Twitter This – re-tweets spread your word exponentially and are the buzz catalysts for the new era of marketing