The Iceberg Principle That Keeps You From Success

ICEBERGWhat do our minds have in common with an iceberg? It’s often noted that only 10% of an iceberg actually is visible above the water with the remaining 90% hidden beneath the surface. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the same could be said for the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind.

The conscious mind could be considered the 10% that is visible above the surface while the remaining 90% that is hidden from view is similar to your subconscious. So what’s the difference between these two parts of your mind?

The conscious mind is what you’re intentionally thinking, the part of your mind that you control. Your subconscious is the part of your mind that is working behind the scenes and is primarily unintentional or beyond your control.

The idea that that 90% or more of what’s happening in the control center of our brains is quite remarkable. It’s also a very good indicator why it’s often difficult to make lasting changes within ourselves such as losing weight and dropping habits.

According to author Noah St. John, there is a key determinant between our conscious and subconscious that directly affects our success in implementing change. St. John suggests that the reasons why to do something are controlled in your conscious mind. Alternately, the reasons why not to do something are housed in your subconscious mind.

Consequently, the problem with implementing and maintaining change is twofold. Firstly, your subconscious is primarily the compartment within your mind that you have no choice over. Therefore overcoming reasons why not to do something that are quite often based upon fear can be a difficult task. Secondly, since the overwhelming majority of your mind’s power drives the subconscious, it’s easy to see why it’s hard to make changes stick.