The New Rules for Great Inbound Marketing PR

BUZZSTREAMThe evolution of marketing through modern-day tools and technology has caused a seismic change in how publicity is generated. The original staple of any marketing and PR campaign was the press release, whose primary goal was to catch the attention of those with high influence, namely the media (writers, editors).

In today’s world, the press release still exists, but their audience has evolved and grown – now including writers, editors, bloggers and social media influencers. Another benefit of press releases is their ability to strengthen your standing in organic search.

Here are some more points to consider when using inbound marketing for PR:

  • PR is not just about reaching influencers directly, it’s about boosting your credibility and chance of being found online
  • A solid publicity campaign begins with finding where you audience gets their information – popular blogs, magazines, groups, social media influencers
  • It’s important to analyze your web traffic for search terms, response so you can adjust and better optimize your site
  • Use social media monitoring tools such as Buzzstream, Hubspot or Objective Marketer to gauge your reach and the social response to your messages