The Two Simple Keys to Winning Online Marketing


A core foundation behind successful Inbound Marketing is the importance of discipline and perseverance. Without the discipline to create and follow a plan and without the perseverance to stick to that plan despite the inevitable struggles, any marketing initiative is doomed to fail. This is especially true with Inbound Marketing that relies less on “big bang” strategies and more on continuous progress strategies to produce effective results.

For example, creating relevant blog content is one great way to establish your online marketing base. Without frequency, however, your sporadic, infrequent blog posts loose their juice AND their audience. Your potential readers need a reason to return to your blog or your RSS feed as does Google.

Speaking of Google, effective SEO begins and ends with the discipline to focus on the little things that add up to higher rankings. It’s essential to take time to indentify your targeted keywords and to create relevant content around them. Something as small as using your keywords in your headlines goes a long way towards maximizing your efficiency.

Nowhere does perserverance make more sense then while optimizing your landing pages. This type of work requires immense patientice to split test images, text, head lines and even button colors to see what works best. Trying to sidestep this important work by guessing or using “common sense” has often proven to be a costly mistake.