5 Keys for Simple Search Engine Optimization

SEOThe world of search engine optimization changes at warp speed these days as Google and the rest of the search engines change their algorithms continuously. It’s important to remember that Google’s primary goal is provide the most relevant content based on the the search phrase. This means that it’s vitally important to provide the following to help meet Google’s directive.

  1. Create lots of high quality content – post new, original articles and posts as often as possible
  2. Make sure your content is readable by the search engines; in text format, and listed in your site map
  3. In order to help the spiders find your content, it’s important to organize your site logically, including categories for easy navigation
  4. Your content should be rich in your targeted keywords, sprinkled throughout the post
  5. Remember, organic search results receive roughly 60-70% of all search engine clicks, so monitor your results and continue to test