SEO Suggestions from Matt Cutts

Here are some quick notes from a recent Matt Cutts site review session that you can watch here.

  • Since it’s quite easy to artificially boost, Google does not index keywords that you may insert in the meta keywords tag.
  • Be sure to keep your WordPress website up-to-date or your site can be a target for hackers. Since new operating systems are doing a better job of preventing attacks, hackers are turning to servers. I can definitely vouch for this unfortunate circumstance, as can many others.
  • Google Webmaster Central and SkipFish are solid tools to check your site for any unwanted issues.
  • Use the rel=”canonical” to unite your page rank and trust ratings. Google uses the rel=”canonical” in your links as a hint that they honor strongly. They’ll take this, in conjunction with other signals, when calculating the most relevant page to display in search results.