What Everybody Ought to Know About Link Building

Having sufficient link juice to your site is key to having a strong organic SEO reach. Here’s a quick list of six important considerations and best practices to follow when you’re looking to strengthen your site’s link arsenal.

  1. Quality trumps quantity in a big way. 100 links from low Page Rank sites mean much less than a single link fLINK BUILDINGrom a high authority website.
  2. The most reliable way to earn links is through publishing consistent, high-quality, relevant content. Also note that your content must be original, so scraping or sharing isn’t worth the effort.
  3. Be sure to use your targeted keywords in your link text. For example, instead of using “click here” as your link text, insert your keyword(s) in the link to help the search engines understand what you’re actually linking to.
  4. If you have clients or other relevant marketing partners, it makes sense to exchange links within both of your relevant website’s content.
  5. Add cross links within your website to your own content. Once again, this helps highlight your strong content to the search engines.
  6. Embed links within your press releases. Most PR firms recommend 3-4 links to specific content landing pages within your PRs. The links should also contain your targeted keywords, just like on your website.