Local Marketing Online in 7 Easy Steps

MAGNIFYOne truism that becomes more relevant each minute is that technology is making the world smaller. You can market your product or service virtually anywhere within minutes and you can have an immediate impact in places that you’ve never even heard of.

Along with this seismic shift in marketing reach comes the increasing focus on using technology and the Internet to market local businesses. Local online marketing is hot today because it’s easier than ever before for businesses of all sizes to target, reach and track their success in a highly specific geographic location.

Here are some easy ways your business can utilize local marketing today:

  1. Review sites such as Yelp.com
  2. Group offer sites such as Groupon.com
  3. Location-targeting services such as Foursquare.com
  4. Geographically targeted PPC advertising
  5. In social networks through advertising or social media campaigns
  6. Via mobile applications or mobile searches
  7. Third party local news and directory websites such as Triblocal.com