Monitor Your Conversion Rate by Traffic Source

CONVERSION RATEAll traffic is not created equal, so it’s extremely important to identify which traffic sources convert the highest for your website. When you’re first working on driving eyeballs to your site, you obviously need to take what you can get. However, once you’ve established some credibility and have found your balance, it’s a good practice to constantly monitor which sources of traffic work the best. Then it’s your job to accentuate those areas and help grow the audience that they provide.

According to research conducted by HubSpot, we now have some benchmark numbers for conversion rate by traffic source. Certainly any conversion rate is dictated heavily by multiple factors including the product, the landing page, the offer and many more. However, it’s good to have an idea as to what historically converts better so you can plan accordingly.

Conversion Rate by Traffic Source

  1. Paid Search 1.3%
  2. Email .9%
  3. Social Media .9%
  4. Referrals .7%
  5. Organic Search .6%
  6. Direct Traffic .2%