7 Marketing Tactics Used By Top Financial Advisors

7MARKETING-FINANCIAL-ADVISORSSuccess leaves clues and for leading financial advisors, much of their success can be traced to specific marketing tactics that consistently help the firm grow its AUM. Join the marketing elite of financial advisors today by implementing these tactics into your firm’s business development and digital marketing efforts.

1.) Track Your Progress With a CRM

Nearly all top financial advisors manage customer relationships with CRM software. With a CRM, your firm can store customer and prospect contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one central location, allowing the entire database of information to be accessible by everyone in the firm, in real time.

2.) Use A Marketing Automation Tool

320HubSpotLogoMarketing automation products are integrated, multichannel programs that help manage, optimize, track and aggregate customer engagement. With a marketing automation tool such as HubSpot, your organization can better manage all of your marketing channels with much less time required than if you would do each individual component manually.

One of the key functions of marketing automation tools is the development and analysis of marketing campaigns. When you’re creating a marketing campaign, an organization is typically looking to develop and execute a single campaign that will reach many consumers. With marketing automation tools, you can create a single campaign and have it become customized for each individual lead or customer. This is a powerful capability that just a few years ago was not within the grasp of a small or medium-sized advisor.

With a marketing automation tool you can also manage your marketing campaigns across all platforms. Having this ability to monitor, optimize, and improve your programs with feedback from real-time data allows organizations to stay quick and nimble, while helping them get the biggest bang for their buck.

3.) Blog Consistently

I work with companies who have been in busy for over 60 years, but despite that experience, they had to earn their authority online in the eyes of the search engines as if they were just starting out. The primary route most companies take to earn their digital authority is by sharing their expertise via their blog.

Providing unique, relevant and valuable information on a consistent basis about how your potential client can use your product or service will help attract not only new clients, but new search traffic from Google. Create an editorial calendar and get your entire firm involved in paying it forward by sharing what you know to those who need it most.

4.) Use Analytics to Track Your Digital Performance

google analyticsTop digital analytics tools, like Google Analytics, provide all the keys and clues necessary to identify where opportunities may exist. Whether your customers want more information, a wider array of products, or might not be interested in a potential product that you’re considering can be seen by properly utilizing your digital analytics.

By implementing the insights taken from this information, you can also use this new knowledge to help assist in setting your business goals. If you see that a specific topic on your site is attracting a lot of interest, then you may decide to invest further in your organization’s involvement with that product. Likewise, if you see that there is a great demand on other websites for a new product that you don’t currently offer, you may decide that you would like to focus your organization’s efforts towards that area.

Taking all this information into account and implementing a closed loop system to track all the various components of your digital marketing will allow you to make educated decisions that can seriously improve the performance of your firm. However, it’s important to understand that the data you get back is only as good as the data you put in. Meaning, setting up your analytics at the outset in the proper format so nothing gets lost will be key to your success.

5.) Build Your Email List

I like to use the analogy that the email address is the tinder to spark the fire process of becoming a lead. Generating a fire requires something to catch that spark in order to ignite. The email address is the most basic level of contact information that will allow you to reach out to a lead. Building a list of email addresses that is relevant to your firm’s products and services should be your primary goal.

There are many ways to approach building your email list so that you attract targets for your firm. The primary way is to create great email content that people want to open. Approaching with the give-to-get mentality where you are providing your expertise, knowledge and information for free is always a useful tool in attracting potential leads and building your audience.

An additional way to build your email list is to create a lead generation offer or lead magnet. These are valuable information products that provide so much value for the right audience that potential customers are willing to exchange their contact information for the lead magnet.

6.) Create A Mobile-Ready Website

In a recent blog post Google reported that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in the United States. In addition, Google recently began penalizing websites that weren’t easily viewable or “mobile-ready” according to their criteria.

These two recent news items alone are more than enough reason to immediately mandate every financial advisor to have a mobile ready website. Follow Google’s mobile-ready instructions and you can take a big leap with your digital marketing lead generation efforts over your competitors, the majority of whom have not yet reached the mobile-friendly finish line.

7.) Build your LinkedIn Profile

320_linkedin_logoAmong all social media networks, LinkedIn is a no-brainer for financial advisory firms and their employees. Nearly every one of your current or potential customers is at least familiar with LinkedIn and a large percentage will automatically search the social network for information about your background before and during their relationship with you.

Make sure your firm creates a company page with recent information about your products, services and unique advantages. This page will serve as a social media beacon for your firm and will act as a home base that your employees can connect to.


Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the changing digital marketing landscape to grow your firm. The tools and tactics have never been easier to use and investors has never been more ready to find you with their mobile device. All you have to do is commit to implementing these tactics and consistently using them to grow your business for years to come.