Five Quick Steps to Defining Your Social Media Strategy

SOCIAL MEDIA BLOCKSWhat makes social media marketing different from most traditional components of online marketing? While many forms of marketing and selling are about being aggressive and forcing the issue, social networks function on a basic level of acceptance and respect. You can’t force your way into these groups without risking fast and painful retribution among those you wish to connect with.

Here are five quick steps to defining and establishing a basic social media philosophy for your organization.

  1. Listen first – For most products and industries, your audience has already formed a group together and communicates. This isn’t about you screaming your message, it’s about listening first.
  2. Understand their concerns – What they are communicating – wants, needs, concerns and everything else is the key to your business and what you need to study.
  3. Choose your communities – Does your audience congregate on Facebook, LinkedIn or another current platform? If not, should you create your own social network to create a discussion platform?
  4. Introduce and invite – A humble introduction of yourself and invitation to begin or become part of a dialogue.
  5. Accept and contribute – Look for feedback, present your best ideas and always communicate with integrity.