6 More Keys to Sales Success Through the Power of Persuasion

POWER BLUEFollowing up on the previous post 6 Keys to Sales Success Through the Power of Persuasion, here are six more ways to build a foundation for persuasion with your customers. Any one of these solutions can be helpful alone or grouped together as part of a well constructed sales and marketing campaign.

  1. Rapport – establish a rapport or sympathetic connection with your customers by listening to their concerns and acting on their requests. This two-way communication builds trust and a sense of confidence for both sides of the relationship.
  2. Urgency – somewhat similar to scarcity, creating a sense of urgency within a potential customer is often essential to keep the interest and the momentum within the sales process.
  3. Greed – knowing that you can have even more than what you imagined is a powerful feeling for a customer. Tapping into that desire for more while presenting your product or service as an essential component of the solution is the goal.
  4. Pain – just as a customer is excited about taking advantage of an opportunity, they’re even more scared about losing an opportunity or situation that they feel entitled to. The fear of loss often dictates more decisions than the drive for gain.
  5. Belonging – feeling left out or on the outside looking in is another common driver of action. Position your solution as a key to belonging and you’re halfway to establishing a consistent revenue source.
  6. Curiosity – crafting a message that’s just a little outside the norm can enhance the curious nature that all people share. This is a slippery slope however, so be careful how far your push the boundaries to stimulate this response.