Landing Pages Tools

A primary key to successful lead generation and email marketing is creating customized landing pages that you give your reader exactly what they expect, and make the next step in your relationship crystal clear. For example, if you have created an offer to download your lead magnet, you’ll want to create a customized landing page on your website that will describe the offer, show the product, provide quick and easy description of the benefits of the content, and include a form for the consumer to exchange their contact information.

Landing pages, just as emails, need to be tested and optimized in order to improve their conversion rate and their effectiveness. This process of conversion rate optimization allows you to leverage the benefits of trackability and testing that most solid email marketing tools provide. As your landing pages receive traffic, you’ll be able to analyze whether people respond to the offer in a positive manner. A landing page best practice is to have two versions of each page, with a single difference between each so you can see if it positively or negatively affects response rates.

Once you’ve identified which landing page version provides the best return, you’ll remove the losing version, and create a new variation of the winning design. Then you’ll make a subtle change to that new version and begin the test process again. This optimization strategy is a great way to truly leverage the power of digital marketing tools and the benefits that they can provide.


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