Are Your Landing Pages Optimized for Humans?

google_landing_pagesWhen developing an ecommerce page layout or landing page, it’s easy to lose perspective on how your potential customer experiences the world that you’ve created. As the person in charge of creating and optimizing the return from your product or service offering, your mission is to bring together the various components into a single source.

However, it’s the process of creating a page or website with the most efficient return from a business perspective where digital marketers can sometimes lose their way, sacrificing the experience and ultimately, the trust of the human being they’re selling to. Many of the tools available to digital marketers can add value to the customer, but only when used in the proper context.

Create an offer or upsell for a non-complementary product, and risk losing the trust of your potential customer. For your visitor to jump through multiple unnessary hoops within your interface and there’s a good chance they lose their patience and leave your site.

This recent video from Google does a tremendous job illustrating this delicate usability vs landing page optimization dance by bringing the experience away from the digital, into the “real” world.