What is Google Knowledge Graph?

GOOGLE_KNOWLEDGE_GRAPHGoogle’s recent Knowledge Graph introduction presents a significant adjustment to their search algorithm and their approach to search results presentation. In summary, the Knowledge Graph presents an overview of the search term with additional content and suggestions from Google. Here’s a brief video overview that explains what they’re looking to accomplish.

This change will impact all websites and the results displayed on Google. For the purpose of blog posts, it’s a safe bet to assume that your posts must now give more value than what the searcher originally intended to look for. It also means that thin blog posts, those that are mere rewrites of what already can be found elsewhere isn’t as valuable from a search engine optimization perspective as it was previously.

Here are some additional considerations when creating blog posts…

  • Consider deeper topics for in-depth content, think documentaries rather than short, traditional news reports
  • Answer as many important questions within your content as possible
  • Stay away from direct linear writing – a blog post that has no dimension or depth will soon be dead. Always think of how you can add additional depth to your content
  • Think of the impact of your article say a month from now, a year from now, the blog posts that will still have some sort of value at that time will continue to exist