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Digital marketing can help your business
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SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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More Quality Leads

Investing in a well-designed digital marketing strategy can help your business bring in high quality leads by sharing your experience and expertise online.

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Better Lead Conversion

Through the help of the latest marketing automation technology, we’ll help you attract, build and clarify relationships with your potential customers in the digital realm, helping to drastically improve closing rates.

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Increased Revenue

Your marketing should be the engine that drives your business. With real-time digital marketing analytics, you’ll always know where you stand.

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Get Found And Grow Your Business

With over 85% of all purchase decisions beginning online, the information economy has brought power to the customer. The increasing mobile acceptance and growing audience brings great opportunity to the companies that can get found and attract their target customer.

One of the primary benefits of digital marketing is its ability to construct a cost-effective approach to building an audience and attracting leads. However, without the proper system and processes in place, the exact opposite can occur. An organization can waste a great deal of time, money, and opportunity cost trying to put together a scattered or fragmented digital marketing plan, with limited or diminishing returns.

When executed properly, digital marketing can allow for the scale and growth that is necessary for small and medium-sized businesses to transform their organizations. The importance of a properly developed program within the digital realm is that it can allow a small and medium-sized business to compete with an organization of any size.



SMB_PLAYBOOK_300The Small Business Digital Marketing Playbook

Walter Lis is the author of The Small Business Digital Marketing Playbook, a practical, no-nonsense guide for small and medium-sized businesses to attract and retain customers online. In the book, Walter provides a clear, concise overview of each component of digital marketing including website development, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing, lead generation and marketing automation systems.

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  • "Walter is a superb digital marketing strategist who is able to translate business objectives into tactics and then rapidly execute against them. He increased awareness of Utopia's capabilities and offerings by dramatically improving search engine rankings through SEO/SEM and by increasing our social media presence by an order of magnitude."

    David Harkleroad - CMO at Utopia Global

  • "Walter is a detail oriented, results driven manager who can juggle multiple projects effectively. His can-do attitude and friendly approach made working with him a joy. His creative thinking resulted in several new initiatives at TribLocal, all of which, were high successful."

    Kyle Leonard - Editor at TribLocal From The Chicago Tribune

  • "Walter's technical expertise and knowledge of SEO and analytics were a major asset to TribLocal's growth. He relentlessly kept up with best practices in the industry, which allowed him to sort out flashy trends from sound strategy."

    Matt Kiefer - Digital Editor at TribLocal From The Chicago Tribune

  • "I have never quite met anyone with Walter's level of expertise, talent and determination to produce the very best in whatever he is involved in. It is an absolute pleasure to know Walter and to recommend him to others." Mike Tait - President at SMT Golf

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