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The power of the information economy and daily advances in technology and connectivity now provide the next generation customer a virtual library of resources and information to nearly all of their questions. Small and medium-sized businesses today can now find and connect with this audience in a variety of new ways that were not available a few years ago. This changing of the guard, and the opportunities that come with it, is taking shape online right now.

In The Small Business Digital Marketing Playbook, digital marketing strategist Walter Lis provides a practical, no-nonsense guide for small and medium-sized businesses to attract and retain customers online. Buy it now on

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  • Why small businesses are now facing a unique opportunity to find customers
  • The major reasons why the playing field between small and large businesses has leveled
  • The surprising differences between traditional and digital marketing
  • The single most important key to digital marketing success
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    BONUS_CONTENT_BULLSEYE2Check out the updated resources lists mentioned in The Small Business Digital Marketing Playbook with the latest tools, software, platforms and service providers. Resources include SEO tools, email service providers, hosting companies and advertising management tools.

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    About The Author


    Walter Lis is a digital marketing consultant, writer, conference speaker and small business owner with a passion for creating and executing successful online marketing strategies. His core technical expertise includes search engine optimization, digital advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and web analytics.

    Prior to starting his own marketing consultancy, Walter gained over 20 years of experience working for businesses ranging from multi-billion-dollar companies to sole proprietorships. Walter has held senior management positions for The Chicago Tribune Media Group, sports information provider STATS, LLC and investment management firm Attain Capital Management. He’s worked with companies in a wide variety of industries including media, publishing, telecommunications, manufacturing, local government, information technology, construction, and finance.