How Much Is Your Opinion Costing Your Digital Marketing?

OPINIONWhat formula works best when sending Tweets to promote your latest product? How do you decide what headline to use when writing a blog post? How do you choose the layout and design for a product landing page? If your answer includes the word “opinion”, you’re almost always costing yourself dollars and success.

In today’s world of digital marketing, the answers to all these questions are quickly and easily available in your analytics. Whether you’re using Google Analytics, an automation tool like HubSpot or a landing page tool like Unbounce, the success and failure of each individual marketing decision is readily apparent. Ignoring this data and going with a guess or opinion borders on negligence.

What stops many marketers from learning from their data is often an unwillingness to learn from testing. A simple split test containing two variables can be the optimization catalyst that can turn a poor performing page into a winner. In fact, nearly every digital marketing tool with an analytics function contains a split-testing capability. Two options enter, winner stays, loser goes home, repeat the process. It’s that simple.

If this valuable information is so easy to access, it’s quite surprising that so many businesses and marketers still use a blind opinion on what that feel their customer will want. If you know someone in this situation, I recommend you forward them to I’ve mentioned this site before and it’s even more relevant know. Choosing what you think your customers is virtually impossible and completely unnecessary. So the next time someone gives you their opinion on what they think their customer wants, ask to see the data first.